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A Managed Service Provider (MSP) team of IT specialists take responsibility for a company’s hardware, software, and network infrastructure maintenance and support.  The type of maintenance that a Managed Service Provider typically offers is a proactive approach through monitoring and alerting of potential threats and weaknesses in the technology structure.

The idea of managed services was IT companies to provide their customers with a higher level of support. If your company application or technology has stopped functioning properly and you call your IT provider to have them fix the problem. By this we always call the IT specialist to fix all the time and it makes more cost. So to overcome on this to choose the best Managed service Providers to support over all technologies and even provide proactive support to their customers which listed below:

  1. Hardware issues
  2. Software updates
  3. IT cost concerns

Many customers of Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure seeking managed services.

Choosing best Managed Service Provider

For years, any company has tried to solve its technology or expertise challenges, but it’s becoming clear that your current IT providers cannot fix the problems. Because managers is the overall responsibility for any IT. It’s time to make the change but how do you choose from so many different Managed Service Providers (MSP).

If we need to select best Managed Service Provide for your company need to raise below questions for each MSP.

  1. Did your company has an experience on supporting technologies
  2. How long your company been in business
  3. Did your company had a track Record of performance
  4. What is your call tree process?
  5. What types of support your company provides
  6. What is your Support Plan Methodology?
  7. Did you handle disaster recovery?
  8. What are your response times?
  9. Do you have 24×7 support, can you give me an example of something that may fall outside of that support model?
  10. Can you walk me through the steps your team would take if my server goes down in the middle of the night?


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