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We all know what is SEO? Some people may not know why it is needed? And the use of SEO?

Let’s share them some knowledge.

Have you ever thought of how the search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.) work?

Search engines will record the user’s searching words as a keyword and display the most relevant and latest information on the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) based on those keywords.

If you don’t perform SEO for your site, then you will not be a part of favorite’s list in Search Engine

Now let’s turn on to analyze user activity. How many of you will click the links which are not located on the 1st page of search engine results? Many users will not go more than 2 pages. So, every organization likes to show-up their company URL on top of the SERP list. This can be achieved through proper SEO done on the company website. 

Business visibility

The ultimate aim of every organizations is to get higher online visibility. Following the SEO guidelines with unique content the search engines will place them on top of the SERP list.

Business traffic

All the organizations strive hard to withstand in the business and to grow their customer’s reach. Thanks to internet which has opened a whole lot of opportunity for easy showcase of organizations capability resulting in increased business and customer service.

Business credit

Quality of the content in your website determines the customer’s reach. The customers doesn’t just stops with viewing the valid useful contents they share it in social media’s like Face book, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn etc. promoting the contents indirectly.


Branding is vital, every organization invest a huge amount to popularize their branding amongst their customers. Branding will create a unique perception in user’s mind about the organization. SEO targets on better branding for people to believe in the organization.

Increase sales

Sales is directly associated with the number of people reach. Maximum number of people you reach the maximum you gain in terms to popularity and sales. The quality and the uniqueness of the contents which you hold in your site determines the repeat visit and references by customers in different social media. SEO will help in building this qualified site knowledges to retain existing customers and to attract new site visitors.

Builds trust and credibility

The content within the site for which we perform the SEO has to hold proper trusted content without posting any assumption details. As users get valid trust worthy details in the site they would normally rely much upon the site for their knowledges. When the users visit the site often then it would get listed on the top position in search engine result page (SERP) for the keywords. Building a trust worthy website winning the confidence of the customers will happen only through SEO process.

Long term positioning

Most of the organizations boosts up their website to the top of the SERP list by using short cuts like Paid links, Black Hat SEO, Virtual user generation etc. This will be fruitful only for a short period of time. SEO is the only long term solution to hold the site in the SERP list as the quality of the content will draw the users to bring up the site in the SEPR list.

Increased accessibility

Being on top of the SERP and having a considerable increase in the social media feedings will increase the popularity of the site thereby reaching to maximum customers. This would in-turn reflect positively in the sales.



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